The best advice I can give another student is to study abroad! If it has ever been a dream of yours, take advantage of it while you are in college. I almost didn’t study abroad because I was nervous but also because it was very expensive. Don’t let this stop you from doing it. You should take advantage of the scholarships that are given and apply to as many as you can. I was also nervous about not knowing anyone on the trip, but within an hour of being together, the students on my trip and I found common things to talk about. Throughout the trip, we have become very close friends and have had so many great moments together. My hope is for the memories to continue when we are back in Tuscaloosa. Some things I suggest to do before you start your study abroad journey is to familiarize yourself with basic words of the language in the country you are visiting. This was something I struggled with because each of the countries we visited spoke a different language. Simple responses such as Hello, Yes, No, Bathroom, Water, Thank you, etc. are the ones I wish I knew. The other thing I wish I did was read up on the history and significance in each country. I know at some point in my education I learned about it, but I no longer remembered the details when we were in each country. The last piece of advice I have is to not over pack. I packed basics that I was able to re-wear throughout the trip. Definitely check the weather before you go too because that will help you decide what to pack. One thing I wouldn’t have brought on my trip is as many nice clothes because I rarely wore them. That is the best advice I can give to a future study abroad student!

Day trip to Budapest was one of the last days in Europe.