After arrival in Dublin, despite my jet lag, my eyes lit up once I saw the city.  As I landed I was in awe of how green and beautiful the land was.  I was nervous about the weather here, especially knowing how much it rains, but so far the weather has been amazing.  After arrival we were driven to our student accommodation, right in the heart of the city.  Our program director took all of us on a short tour of the city and it was amazing to see all of the history and learn about Dublin.  The next day, we each were taken to our Internship by bus or train (depending on where you work) so we would know how to get there for our first day.  My internship is with Sutton Lawn Tennis Club and I am very much enjoying it.  All of the people are so kind and friendly, they included me in their weekly newspaper and since then everyone in the club makes an effort to greet me.  So far my favorite part of my internship is actually the train ride here, it is about a 30 minute train ride from the station near my accommodation and I am able to sit back and enjoy the beautiful city as we travel into the beach area.  It is also nice getting recommendations from locals whether it is about traveling to somewhere in Ireland, Europe, or even a recommendation on a nice place for lunch.  So far the hardest thing is maintaining my budget.  What I have done now is buy groceries at the beginning of the week so I can eat breakfast in the accommodation, pack myself a lunch, and then fix myself dinner when I get home.  Once the weekend comes is when I will eat out at local spots, go out to the pubs, and explore Ireland.  Our first weekend here, as a group we traveled to Howth, which is a beautiful beach town.  We first went to the market then went on a hike, which was the most stunning sight I have ever seen.  The next weekend we took the train to Killarny, then my friends and I have plans to fly to Amsterdam, Edinburg, and Paris for a weekend.  My parents are visiting me at the end of my internship and then I will show them around Ireland and from there we will fly to Portugal.  It is such an amazing experience so far, and I enjoy being able to learn the history and culture of Ireland and have such easy access to travel throughout Europe.