Now that I am back in the states, I can truly reflect on the brief, yet impactful trip that was the UH Clinical Experience in Nicaragua. My last day in the clinic was Friday June 2, and I was sad to see it come and go. I have learned so much from these patients, not only medically related, but things that have changed my perspective on my own journey thus far. I have always had an appreciation for the luxuries of my life, but this experience has magnified that appreciation. As I look ahead into the uncertain years ahead (as I am a recent graduate), I am going to continually reflect on this experience to keep me motivated to pursue my goal of being that physician I know I wish to be.

I applied for this trip spontaneously, and as it was a competitive application, did not know what my odds were of actually being able to participate in it. I was beyond fortunate to receive and invitation. My only regret is that I did not come across this opportunity sooner. So, if you are an underclassmen, with potential interest in Spanish and possibly some form of medicine or healthcare, I would highly recommend that you apply. I really believe this trip could be that solidifying factor that you may need to decide on your pursuits. If you are an upperclassmen much like I was, I still would say apply. This has been the perfect way to concluded my undergraduate career at the Capstone and I am glad I had the chance.

I am looking ahead eagerly to the future, and want to extend my thanks to UA for allowing me to participate in this great opportunity.