Sergio Garcia at The Players Championship

Ever since my sister returned from her study abroad program when she studied at the University of Alabama, I have been dreaming of the day of when I would be able to go on my own study abroad adventure. I am incredibly excited for this opportunity.
As I finish packing up my bags, I am overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation. In preparation for studying abroad, I have enjoyed spending time with family and friends. Before heading to Spain, I was able to travel to Jacksonville, FL to watch The Players Championship, where I saw the great Spanish golfer, Sergio Garcia. I knew when Sergio Garcia won the Masters this year that this would be a great year for Spain.
Tomorrow I head to Spain with an open-mind and a limited amount of lessons completed on Duolingo. I am so excited for this summer, I know it’ll be near impossible to get a good night’s rest tonight. I am excited to meet my host family and get to know my other classmates that are participating in this program. While I am over in Spain I hope to improve my ability to speak and understand Spanish, make lasting memories, and form friendships that will last a lifetime. In today’s world, it is so easy to stay inside of one’s own “bubble” of what or whom he or she knows. I think it is critical for someone, like myself, to go outside his bubble to experience different conversations, people, and cultures.