Making the local dish “Red Red”

My time here in Ghana has been such an amazing experience. The country is very peaceful and I would love to come back one day. As soon as I stepped off the plane in Ghana everything was different. The weather is very humid. My first impression of Ghana was not what I expected it to be. The country is absolutely beautiful and the people are very friendly. There were many thoughts running through my head. I thought about starting my life here and even bringing my family to come visit. I felt at peace and I felt as if I had no worries.

When I first arrived here there were people everywhere. Some grabbed you a little and tried to carry your luggage. That was a little overwhelming for me. When I arrived at my hostel I noticed it was a little different from my dorms. We do not have any hot water, but it is refreshing after a long hot day. The food here is different. Everything here is eaten with rice and is very spicy ,but they do have some American food options such as the KFC. The traffic here is super heavy. What I found the most interesting was that Malaria is not as big here as I thought. The least of my worries is catching Malaria. It is treatable and it only last 3 days. What I like the most about Ghana is how proud they are of their country. Everything here is very cultural and everyone takes pride in their country and their culture. The first photo I took was a picture of the hostel I am currently staying in.

There are many languages spoken here in Ghana ,but the main language is Twi. I had the opportunity to take a Twi class and it was amazing. Ghana is big on bargaining and it was fun learning how to bargain in their language. I am now able to have a conversation with the locals. So far I haveĀ  had only one language barriers because most of the people here speak English. Ordering food was difficult because the cashiers had a hard time understanding my southern accent. Overall, it was fun being able to understand them and being able to speak to them in their language.

Overall, My experience here has been great. I love the country of Ghana and the people here makes you feel at home. When I arrived it was different ,but I adapted quickly.