You see where those waves are breaking. Right there and about forty feet down is where I will be spending most of my summer while in Roatan Honduras. I know what you are thinking, though. Forty feet down, forty feet down where? Well, it’s forty feet down to reach the depth of an amazing and dynamic reef ecosystem. I am apart of a biodiversity study that is accessing the growth or decline of the reefs surrounding the island of Roatan. Almost every day I will be diving the reef counting coral, sponges, and fish. And I can say, even after just a few dives, the reefs here are a buzz with life and activity. The second you enter the water you can see an assortment of different fish and strangely enough hear a variety of sounds such as the chomping of parrotfish eating coral. I will also be giving presentations to the guest at the dive resort that hosts my program. One of my favorite things about learning something is being able to then share that knowledge with the people around me. I get to tell people about really cool marine science stuff, that I personally enjoy, and then see them go out to the reef and come back talking about all the different things I told them about that they where then able to see in person. As a marine science major, I truly rely on study abroad programs in order to observe and learn my field in person. My study abroad experience will give me the opportunity to study and understand the complex interactions of the numerous species that call coral reefs their home.