Wow.  I have fallen in love with the city of Dublin, feeling more like a local here than I do in my hometown.  I’m accustomed to the daily life, from the bus system to the food trucks and city trends; it all feels so comfortable, so normal.  But after all, this is one of the main reasons I came abroad: to experience raw cultural immersion and adapt to unfamiliar surroundings until they became familiar.  I’m in disbelief that it’s almost time for me to go home.  Leaving a place where I’ve planted roots over the course of four months will be just as hard as I anticipated.


As the semester comes to a close with finals right around the corner, I find myself caught between studying and reflecting on my semester.  I’m becoming more nostalgic by the day and I haven’t even left yet!

As fate would have it, dead week here means no class!  So naturally, me and my friends decided to plan two more trips to close out the semester.  We’re going to Greece before exams to “relax and de-stress” and then I’m off to Africa (aka the #1 place I’ve wanted to go all semester!!!).  And yes, somewhere in between these trips lie finals worth 75% of my grade… I’m a little stressed.  Despite certain aspects of academics, I’ve come to discover that procrastination is no different in Europe than it is in the states.  I still catch myself watching Netflix when I should be studying and yes, like many of us I’m guilty of “cramming” information into my brain the night before exams.