Free weekends at home can be lots of fun and very relaxing!

When I first arrived in Italy, I was excited not only about being in Italy but I was equally thrilled about quick and cheap access to the rest of Europe. As most people do, I made quick friends and planned trips here and there whenever I could manage. I think I was more keen on traveling outside of Italy than I was on traveling within Italy. I figured I would spend Monday to Thursday in Italy and spend the weekends somewhere else. After all there is so much to see!

While there really isn’t anything wrong with this expectation, Ive found that as time goes on the way I want to spend my time has changed. In fact my favorite trips have been within Italy! I have really come to love the Italian people and appreciate their way of life- “la dolce vita.” Although I do get excited to go visit new places, the familiarity of Italy is such a nice thing to return to. It’s nice to have weekends when you can just be a person and not a tourist. I get excited for spending time in Reggio Emilia with local friends I’ve made, the kids I nanny or going for drinks in the Piazza with a roommate. I think one thing the Italians have taught me is that it’s ok to slow down, to really indulge in where you are in the moment and not trying to get everything accomplished. Staying put can be a really healthy thing.