I am participating in the UA in Europe: International Financial Reporting, which in simpler terms is a class on how accounting works in Europe. I will be splitting my time between Prague, Czech Republic and Vienna, Austria. I have never been to Europe and I am extremely excited to be able to take this opportunity to both study a topic directly concerning my major and get to expand my cultural horizon. I am definitely a little hesitant about the cultural differences, specifically the language barrier and how they perceive Americans, but I am going in with a positive and open-minded attitude. I believe that attitude will be the key to making the most of my experience and will allow me to appreciate the culture. Prague and Vienna are both large cities so I am sure there will be a wide range of cultures as there will be people from all over the world living and study there as well. Along with the culture, I am excited to have the opportunity to study international financial reporting standards and see how they are similar and different than the standards we use in the United States. By understanding this foreign standard, I believe I will gain a better understanding for accounting on a global scale, which will give me an edge, both in the classroom and when I begin my career in public accounting. Overall, my goal is to fully take advantage of this opportunity to broaden my cultural appreciation and hone my accounting skills.