View from the London Eye

This is my final week in London and it is a very bittersweet week. I just came home from a trip to Rome where I spent it with my friend who lives there. I met her while I was over here studying, we had the same classes and became very close friends. She is the first person I have had to say goodbye to, and it has made me realize what an amazing adventure I have been on. I have been able to learn things about different cultures, not only from going to different counties and cities, but learning from the people I have met along the way. While abroad I was able to visit 12 countries, and over 15 different cities, although there were challenging times, there is not one thing I would change in the world. Leaving London and the friendships I have made is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

My last few days in London were very busy ones,  I wanted to make sure I did everything I wanted to before I left on Saturday. On Thursday I went to breakfast at a place called the Breakfast Club where they serve amazing eggs benedict. After me and my friends went to Camden markets to go walk around the huge open air market. Friday was my last full day in London, so I made sure to do the London Eye before I left. The London Eye is a huge ferris wheel that gives you amazing views of the city, and it truly was an amazing experience. We were able to be taller then Big Ben and look over parliament, it was an amazing experience.

Studying abroad was the best adventure I have ever had in my life, and I would not change it for the world. I wish I could have stayed in London forever.