I’ve always wanted to study abroad but never thought I would have the chance because I am on the Pre-Medical track; last fall that all changed. Through the Honors College, I saw that they offer a medical trip, the “Nicaragua Clinical Experience”. After researching what it was, where it was, the clinic, etc. I knew I had to go on this trip. It would be a 2 week clinical medical trip which also qualified as a study abroad program as we would stay in a host family’s home and explore Nicaragua each afternoon. I applied and happily got accepted; I looked forward to the 1 semester hour UH course that I would now be taking this upcoming spring semester. The class prepared us medically as well as culturally for what we would experience so I felt pretty good about going off for 2 weeks with a few other students speaking completely in Spanish mostly in a medical setting. As school ended, I found myself getting more and more excited about this trip and before I knew it, I was waking up a 3am to go to the airport. I am now at Miami International Airport waiting to board my connecting flight to Nicaragua where I’ll meet up with the other 6 students on my trip. I am excited for what is to come as well as all the memories I’ll make.