With only 2 weeks until the end of my program a lot is coming to a head. There are papers, tests, presentation and goodbyes much like there would be at home, but this time I also have to pack up all my things to move to a different country. My time in Italy has been so full, and I feel like its been four months of perpetual motion. I cant believe the semester is already over. I’m feeling a bit more bitter than sweet about these goodbyes because I really feel like I just arrived! I was just starting to really get my feet settled in, and now I’m preparing to hop off again.

Fortunately, I booked by return flight for two months after my semester ended so I have quite a while left to explore other parts of Europe. This summer I’ll be working in a few different places around the continent as well as visiting some friends in different parts. When I originally convinced my parents that I would make plans for the summer in Europe, they were naturally hesitant. But through different websites that offer work-exchange programs I was able to find different opportunities that allow me to do some extra traveling at minimal cost. This is in no way meant to be an advice blog, but for students interested in studying abroad I highly suggest planning to stay a little longer than your program because 4 months will come and go before you know it. There are so many ways to travel without spending your life savings, and if you’re really committed to looking and being open to different options you will no doubt be able to find something!

4 months FLEW by!!