My name is Lexi Schrobilgen and I am going to be a junior at The University of Alabama. I am studying abroad for 2 weeks in Nicaragua, where I will be working in a medical clinic and exploring the country. Quite honestly, this trip is one of the reasons that I chose Alabama. Studying abroad has always been something that is extremely important to me and so when I was looking at colleges I wanted to ensure that the one I picked had a program I was interested in. I lived in Puerto Rico for two years in high school so I knew I wanted to go somewhere where I could further my Spanish. I also want to be a doctor, so I was hoping to find a program associated with some sort of clinic or hospital. While touring Alabama I was given a pamphlet with information in regards to this trip and when I read what previous students said about the trip it reassured me that this was the program I wanted to do.
Preparing to leave for my trip hasn’t been very stressful or nerve wracking since I will only be gone for two weeks, but it has been extremely exciting. Of course I am nervous about speaking Spanish the entire time, but I know that it is a learning experience and I know that using the skills that I have been practicing will only enhance my experience in Nicaragua. I am honestly almost equally as excited to get to know the people on my trip as I am to actually go. It is so difficult to find people who are interested in excelling in Spanish, learning about medicine, exploring nature and who also aspire to dedicate themselves to the betterment of others so the fact that the school was able to create a program incorporating all of those aspects is amazing. It is always difficult being away from family, but being with a group of students that are on the same wavelength will make the entire environment of the trip just that much better. I am also excited to explore the country. There are so many exciting trips planned for us throughout our time here, it should be interesting to see which one everyone loves the most. Above all, I am mostly just feeling extremely grateful for this opportunity and for all of the support I have received along the way.