I suppose I am a little late to the game regarding my blog posts. I am currently taking a 2 and a half week course abroad as a part of my accounting curriculum, and it has been a whirlwind to say the least!

I arrived a day later than the rest of the crew, however, everyone on the trip was very welcoming to have me tag along to the excursions they had already planned the day prior. Our first stop on the trip was Prague, and it was breathtaking.

My first full day we hiked to the Prague Castle and were greeted with an indescribable view of the entire city of Prague. The castle was full of different tourist sites and museums, and my favorite – ice cream! The photo I took doesn’t do the view any justice.

After a few days in Prague, as well as two class days where we spent 9am to 3pm presenting and learning about the international financial reporting structure of Europe, we took our first day trip to Dresden, Germany. (I’ve attached a photo from there too, don’t worry!)

Dresden was amazing. We tried the “world’s best apple strudel” (amazing) and ate wiener schnitzel along the river on a restaurant that was attached to a boat. They had great ice cream too.

Adjusting to the European life has definitely had its difficulties. While I’m not staying here for nearly as long as some other students studying abroad, it’s still crazy to adjust to the culture that the citizens of the cities adopt. The number one thing I’ve been focused on doing is not offending anybody, and so far, so good! Another thing that’s difficult is trying to communicate with those less versed in English about what I need help for/am looking for. Many of them simply look at you with a blank stare and while it is funny, it can get frustrating at times.

One of my favorite things about my time spent in Prague was that located just about a block from our hotel was this little outdoor market that had specialty handmade gifts and amazing food! They had grilled potatoes and they would melt the side of a cheese wheel and glob it all on top and it was incredible. Another Prague specialty is the Trdelník – basically an ice cream cone made out of a churro with the best soft serve ice cream you could imagine on top. You could add nutella, strawberries, you name it.

I think the moral of the story is that despite how difficult the adjustments may be, the experiences (and the desserts) outweigh any negative you might run into.

Prague from the Castle!

Dresden from a Rooftop

The most delicious thing ever!