I have had the amazing opportunity this semester to study abroad in London. and it has been the most amazing time allowing me to learn not only inside the classroom but outside as well. I took three classes this semester, which are called modules here that meet once a week, but last a lot longer than classes at UA. I have just finished my finance class which was comprised of a group presentation, a group paper and then an in-class test. All together this counts for 100% of my grade, there was no homework or attendance counted, or even multiple exams. I then had a global business class as well and learned all about different global companies such as Divine Chocolate. This class was graded on quizzes that were given weekly, and then a presentation on worldwide persecution drug companies, and then a paper on the housing collapse in 2008. My third class was called “Power of Brands” and was a class about how important brands are and how they affect what people buy. This class was made up of an exam, a group presentation on Facebook as well as a report on it. These classes were very interesting and it was cool to see how differently classes are run in London compared to UA.

Other than being in school I have been traveling a lot. I think my favorite city I have been to is Berlin. It has been on my bucket list since I was a young child to be able to see the Berlin Wall, something I was able to do. While in the city my friend and I did tours all around the city including going to all different monuments and learning about the rich history of the city. We also tried some of the local food such as schnitzel, which is pretty much chicken cutlets, it was so good. We also went to an open-air market that had all different things for sale at it, from antiques to freshly made pastries.