I have spent many days and hours preparing to have the semester of a lifetime and I still find myself questioning whether or not this really is the life that I am living. I perfectly packed my bags to the exact weight limit and stepped on the runway to board my plane and move to another country for (hopefully) the best semester of my life. So many feelings flowed throughout my mind- I couldn’t decide if I was anxious, scared, or excited during the week leading up to my departure. I applied and got excited knowing not even one person so the moment I arrived in Florence, Italy the overwhelming factors of everything happening around me hit me hard. Now that I’ve been here for a week, and am adjusting to life in a country where I don’t know my way around or the language, I am so excited to continue my journey here. The architecture of the city is absolutely stunning and I am constantly in awe that a city this beautiful is the place I get to call my home. I am having the best time trying new restaurants and exploring the hidden sights of Florence I know that this adventure will fly by and be over before I even realize it. The setup of my classes is foreign to me with different buildings all over the city but what a nice way to explore and learn at the same time. I hope to have the experiences of a lifetime and come home a better version of myself- knowing what I am capable of and what I am able to accomplish in a situation so out of my comfort zone.

50 pounds for 4 months