Throughout my time in Oxford, I remember thinking how different the country of England is and how little I’d be able to relate to my time there when I got back to the United States. After just two weeks of being back in Tuscaloosa, however, I think I have managed to find a way to tell just about every story of my time abroad. While I was so happy to be back in the United States, I didn’t think I could miss a place and people I’d only known for 5 weeks so much! I immediately printed almost every picture I took there and, as they slid out of the printer, smiled with a deep sense of belonging. I’ve always been an outgoing person, but never imagined I could make such strong friendships so quickly. I even remember remarking upon it the first weekend on the train to London with a girl I’d met only three days before. Everyone assumed we’d been friends for years and were shocked to know we met on the trip. UA in Oxford not only provided me with memories to last a lifetime, but also irreplaceable friends. The same girl, Hannah, and I ran into each other on accident on campus about a week after our return and I don’t think I’ve ever┬ábeen so excited to see someone or so suffocated by a hug! I always hear about people talking about reverse homesickness upon returning from a study abroad but never believed it would happen to me. But it did in more ways than I could’ve imagined. Not only do I miss the classes and the town, the food and the divine coffee, I miss the people far more than I expected to. I remember thinking, “it’ll be fine! We’re all going back to the same place!” But what I didn’t realize was how much time I spent with these amazing people. Meeting Hannah every morning for breakfast, sitting with Michael in our Tudor history class, chatting with Madeline in Fine Arts, and quietly giggling with Lexie in the Radcliffe Camera. I miss casually strolling through hundreds of years of history, snacking on the most amazing treats, and being constantly surrounded and supported by an intelligent, hilarious, caring, and exciting group of students I otherwise would’ve never known. Thank you, UA in Oxford, for creating an environment for me to feel more loved and at home with a group more than I’ve ever felt before. Thank you for the┬ámost interesting classes and best friends. I will never forget my weeks in England!thumb_IMG_1730_1024thumb_IMG_0765_1024