My journey through Europe is complete. These past two weeks have been nothing less than amazing. I came into the trip with the mindset that I was going to learn a lot about the differences between GAAP and IFRS, but I never thought about how much I would learn about the culture of Europe. These past two weeks I was constantly learning if it was from accounting presentations or just exploring a new city with friends. The last week we went to Prague, Czech Republic, I have never seen a city as beautiful as Prague. Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, and running through the center of the city is the Vltava River. Most of our time was spent in Old Town Square—the center of the city. Old Town is surrounded by Gothic churches, colored buildings, and he medieval Astronomical Clock. This week we also took a cultural excursion to Dresden, Germany. Dresden was full of art museums and classic architecture. We took a horse and carriage ride around the city, our tour guide gave us a fantastic overview of the city.

I would highly recommend this study abroad program to anyone in the future that is thinking about applying. I can confidently say it was one of the most fun two weeks of my life. Since I had never traveled to Europe before this trip, I learned more about Europe than I ever thought I could learn. I enjoyed going on a faculty led program, and it was fun meeting other accounting majors.