I believe there is something bittersweet about going back home. It’s bitter because you aren’t able to enjoy those occasions you had but sweet since you get to be back home and recall it all. One thing is for sure, that you will always enjoy the memories you made wherever it was and that is what makes it worthwhile at the end of the day, regardless of any troubles or scary feelings. You find yourself growing from the experience and becoming content with your decision to go and ultimately thankful you did so. As I spend time back home every day, I find myself going through this pattern. It hasn’t even been two weeks but I’m missing so much day by day and find that I wish I could have at least one more shawarma durum from the local turkish restaurant, or maybe get to go downtown in Copenhagen again, or simply just sit around with friends and talk while enjoying the casual small town experience in Lyngby.

You want to be able to take those memories you had and add to them somehow, like that cool road you could have walked down or that small gift shop you passed by because you were in a hurry for something else. Your structured plans were laid out and followed strictly but in the end you find that you were never able to fulfill all the extra things you wanted to do. This aspect of your end journey is so bitter but it’s never truly goodbye from the places you see, you take them with you wherever you go from there on forth. This is what makes us who we are, which are our own personal experiences that you could never have planned nor could ever change how they happened. The study abroad program gave me the awesome opportunity to make one for myself and I would never have taken it back, I would do it all over again and maybe someday I will see Denmark and Europe again. With this bright future outlook I top off the bitter with the sweet. An open mind and a life ahead of me will see me to adventures I never imagined.