IMG_0523It feels like only yesterday we landed in Heathrow Airport. After visiting a couple of countries after my stay, I felt myself being pulled back to Oxford, as if I left of part of myself in that great, eye-opening town. I wish I could take part in this program every single summer, as this has been one of the best and most eye-opening months of my life. Study Abroad is easily one of the best decisions I have ever made and has been a life changing experience. I gained so many close friends, experienced new adventures, was taught by fantastic and insightful professors, and fully immersed myself in the culture of the United Kingdom. The camaraderie of Alabama faculty and students made the adjustment to the UK way of life easy and pain-free. Being the melting pot that London and Oxford both are, I have sampled incredible cuisines from all around the world, disproving the misconception that England’s food is mediocre. The two classes I took did not feel like class at all, as I studied many interesting and fun topics that I was eager to learn more about. The classes provided me with information and acted as guides for my explorations in the city and through the colleges. The weekends provided all of us with ample opportunity to visit sites such as Scotland, Buckingham Palace, Bath, and many others. My advice to all students considering study abroad is simply do it; I promise that you will not regret it. Although sad to leave, I am excited about arriving back in Tuscaloosa and seeing all of my friends. I hope that someday I will once again visit Oxford and remember the experiences I had during Study Abroad 2016.