Studying abroad in London was an amazing experience to say the least. As cheesy as it is, I feel like I left a piece of myself there in London and I am already itching to return to my home away from home. All of my expectations were met to the highest degree and I could not think of one legitimate complaint that aroseĀ  from living and studying in London for almost half of a year. However, when people ask me simple questions regarding my trip I am at a complete loss for words because it is hard to briefly explain the magnitude of memories and thoughts running through my mind so I usually just respond with a simple “great, thanks!” The fact that I have trouble describing my experience as a whole actually brings me joy because studying abroad left me with truly indescribable yet amazing feelings that I could have never even fathomed feeling before embarking for my studying abroad journey.

I believe that studying abroad helped me mature not only personally but also academically. I am now able to adapt to extremely foreign environments and also capable of learning and applying knowledge in a difference testing setting. I found that the benefits of studying abroad don’t abruptly end when you leave the country. The benefits are still presenting themselves weeks and months beyond return and I am grateful for not only the opportunity to study abroad but also the benefits that are accompanied with it.

Upon my return from Europe, the academic transcripts from London transferred with ease and I am now back into the full swing of things here at UA. As a rising Junior, I am staying focused on my academics while keeping the possibility of studying abroad again open.


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