It’s been thirty days since my class started of which 42 hours of were physically being in a lab, and at least 100 spent in the student databar writing 7 lab reports. Was it stressful? Yes. Worth every minute? Absolutely.

My time in Copenhagen has swiftly come to a close and it seems like it was yesterday when we arrived at our dorms, rather, the containers. The Danish love their shipping containers so much that we get to live in them. Approximately 10 minutes away was the chemical engineering lab and an additional 10 got you to the train station where you could go anywhere you wanted. A group of 26 people from Alabama, and other groups from Auburn, Virgina Tech, Texas A&M, Case Western and John Hopkins got together and conquered this segment of the world. It took everyone all over Europe, from Sweden to Norway to Germany to Belgium and because we all came back to one spot after their adventure, it felt like we experienced the different countries right alongside them. Even though we had the chance to go anywhere, Copenhagen quickly became our home. IMG_5578

Nothing will compare to the food truck market place right next to the harbor. Nothing will come close to the bonding experience of figuring out public transportation or walking home a mile and a half because you missed the last bus of the night. And let’s not forget the shawarma. If you are ever in the Netherlands or Denmark, get this delicious dish you will not regret it.


Everyone who came on this trip was amazing. To Mike from Auburn who made sure everyone who made it home in one piece, to Jamie for her desire to make everyone a family (Taco Tuesday and smores night!) and to my lab partner Tommy for somehow managing to keep me sane and also drive me nuts at the same time, these people made the trip, not necessarily the location. Cheers to Copenhagen and cheers to Carlsburg, but it’s time for this worn out and happy American to return home.