While in Denmark several things became apparent, the people are trustworthy but the weather is not. Most of the people I came into contact with on a daily basis seemed fairly reserved but happy to help me if I had any questions, such as directions or translations. It is a very quaint life the people live here but Denmark is known by other Europeans as an upscale region to live in. People are extremely trusting of each other, a sense of unity can be felt immediately when coming here. It is not uncommon to see unlocked bicycles vulnerable to easy theft; as someone once said here, it does not take a very ambitious criminal to make a living here. However, the weather is not nearly as trustworthy. An important rule of thumb is to make sure that you wear a jacket or have a jacket on you whenever you go out, otherwise you could be stranded somewhere until any precipitation lets up which would not last very long.

Overall, Denmark is a pleasant place to live being very laid back and friendly, not to mention the food is amazing here. Ranging from low priced Turkish food featuring many Kebab-type restaurants to classic sit down Danish restaurants, a food-tourist would definitely not go hungry here. On a daily basis I go to the food stands that lay around campus, many are Turkish food and there is a nice oriental stand, also. Once in a while, the group goes to a nice restaurant such as Frederiks Have. This is a very expensive Danish-style restaurant that features a five course meal that serves the most excellent Danish dishes cooked and prepared perfectly. I felt very out of place here seeing as I had never been to a place of such fine dining and had no idea what I was eating let alone which fork meant what. Ultimately though, I loved the food and was happy to know that I had partaken in such an exquisite experience.20160706_192619