I have been studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, for the past month with 26 other UA students. We are participating in the chemical engineering Unit Operations Lab at the Technical University of Denmark. While this has been an extreme amount of work, I’ve still had time to take excursions and experience the culture.

Upon first arriving, I was thrust into an entirely different environment. Instead of the 95 degree Alabama heat, it was 50 degrees when I landed. On the first day, we went into downtown Copenhagen and to the Copenhagen harbor. We also went to the famous Tivoli Gardens. This is basically a nicer version of Six Flags that is right in the heart of Copenhagen, which is very cool.

After the first couple days, the lab course started, and with it came the work and the stress. Like I stated above, this was a very intensive course for a study abroad course. In fact, I had to pull the latest nights and the earliest mornings that I’ve had to in college so far. Anyone considering this program should definitely take this into consideration before choosing this. It will take up a lot of your time and will be very challenging. However, it is doable and if you work hard, you will still have plenty of time to see things.

Copenhagen is a chill city. I definitely recommend people to study abroad here. The food is great if you get the right things. You will probably be absolutely sick of shawarma, a Turkish dish, by the time you leave though, so eat it in moderation. The Scandinavian countries are not typically the places that people take trips just to see, so studying abroad here is a great way to get experience Scandinavia.