I caught the travel bug as a young child and have been eager to return to Europe since visiting the summer following my junior year of high school. The 3 weeks I spent in Paris, France studying ballet at the Acad̩mie Am̩ricaine de danse de Paris were the most culturally enriching and fulfilling weeks of my life. Not only was it exciting to improve my French through immersion, but, as an avid history fan, I was thrilled to experience the rich and vibrant past of the City of Lights. Simply strolling the streets is an extensive history lesson covering centuries. A walk through the first and sixth arrondissements grants one the ability to see buildings with bullet holes from World War II, the tunnel in which the late Princess Diana died, the oldest operating restaurant in Paris, founded in 1686 and, among many other sites, arguably the most famous cathedral in the worldРNotre Dame. I am fortunate to attend a University that offers many incredible opportunities to study abroad in a wide variety of places. As a French major, I am aware it may seem more logical for me to study in a French speaking country, but I have already been to France, and I chose UA in Oxford for many reasons. I have always dreamed of going to the United Kingdom both to satisfy my yearn to see the and experience the culture, but also to visit the home of my ancestors. Oxford is not only the oldest university of the English-speaking world at 919 years old, but it has also inspired some of the most brilliant minds the world has ever known. As an honors student, I am insatiably curious and love to learn. The UA in Oxford program offers honors, literature, and history courses in addition to dropping students into the heart of modern education to explore. I have always had a passion for learning and love history, politics, and museums, and as a French major, I would be thrilled to work abroad. My dream is to use my Meeting & Event Planning degree to work in a foreign museum, like the British Museum, or US Embassy one day in the events department. I would love to attend graduate school to obtain a graduate degree in art history to further prepare for my dream of coordinating events in a museum. I am thrilled to be participating in the UA in Oxford program and am confident it will far surpass my expectations. I hope to further my knowledge of foreign history, arts and culture not only through my classes, but especially through physical exploration of the world-class University, iconic nation, and historic continent of Europe!