My name is Sam and I am heading to study abroad in a faculty lead program in Stockholm, Sweden in a few days.

I am from a very small town and I wanted to study abroad to go out a see more of the world. My town is not very cultured and I’ve grown up with the same things all my life and I just want something different. I want to experience different cultures and new things and why not do it while taking classes that apply towards my agree as well? A faculty lead program was the perfect fit because I didn’t have to worry about transfer credits and I know they are going to be great professors because they are actually Bama professors. This was a key factor in my decision process because it gave me peace of mind when it came to the study part of study abroad.

I could not be more excited! (of course there are some nerves but for the most part it is just excitement). I am excited to get there and start exploring and experiencing all the great things that I know this trip has in store from me. I am nervous for the travel part. I have never traveled internationally before and I am worried that I am going to do something wrong! Another thing is my suitcase is pretty stuffed and I don’t want to have to pay the extra fees. I am not very good at the whole “packing light” thing. Especially since I am going for a month, there are just so many things that I could possibly need! I have tried to prepare myself the best I can but I know there are still unknowns that worry me. I am also worried about the language differences. I tried some youtube videos to learn Swedish but it was very very hard! I hoping to pick up something while I am there to help a little. Other than nerves about those two things though, I am extremely excited! I love new adventures and this is going to be an adventure of a life time.

From my time abroad I hope to gain a new perspective. I want to use my time and learn new things that can change my life for the better. I want to meet new people that teach me all sorts of things. Overall, I just hope to have the time of life and gain some memories that I will never ever forget!