So the beginning of my tale starts with a CRJ700 out of the Birmingham regional airport to Charlotte, as can be seen in the picture included (I am obsessed with planes!). I knew before coming that it would be a fun and especially different experience that I would never forget, just the kind of thing I love to have in my life. Of course, my parents and family had to remind me of staying safe and trying to blend in while abroad with recent events but I know that nothing worthwhile comes without its doubts and fears. This in mind, I actually had the easiest travel experience I have ever had; all of my flights were on time and connections were seamless! I really have to commend all of the airports I visited, my favorite being Heathrow Airport simply because I had a good time chatting with a very personable airport employee while waiting for my final flight to Copenhagen.

Going into my experience I obviously felt nervous and unsure but these fears quickly dissipated as the thoughts of excitement overpowered any previous concern. My friend who drove me to the local airport actually had done this exact educational trip before and so knowing that he had one of the best times in his life really inspired confidence and ambition for getting out and exploring.

Overall, my expectations for the trip range from good food to amazing sights but the true expectation that I have is just to feel immersed and accepted where I stay for a month. I will be living among fellow college-aged Danish along with many other foreign exchange students. The campus where I am at is called DTU, short for Danmarks Tekniske Universitet. Needless to say, Danish is a very intricate and somewhat complicated language but the people are thankfully fluent in English which adds to the comfort level of my adventure abroad.