Right when I landed back in the US, I still couldn’t get my head wrapped around how I’ve been away for a month. I knew that once I got home I’d be behind in my friend’s life and my families, even though we tried to talk every day, it was limited due to the internet I had in China. I also thought right away, I am I going to handle this jet lag?! It was a 13-hour difference from where I live. It wasn’t hard to get over when going to China since I was ready for a new experience, but now I was home and had to go back to work the next day at 8AM. But luckily it wasn’t too hard. This is a photo I took on the plane when coming home, we were already on the plane for about 4 hours already, with 9 ½ still left to go.


During the return home I was feeling excited, especially because I was able to see my family and friends again, but also because I really missed American food. But I was also sad because I really did like China and their culture; I knew I’d be back one day to experience it more. I made a few friends in China also, many weren’t even from China! We met them in our classes and our hotel. They were from Holland, the Philippians, Costa Rica, Korea, and many many other places. It was so much fun being able to talk to them all and see and hear about their culture and viewpoints, that is one thing I will miss the most. I am happy to be back, but going to China was one of my best adventures yet, and I will be sure to cherish it forever.