So here I am sitting on my bedroom floor, back in Mississippi after a long day of traveling. My suitcase is not unpacked, my parents are trying desperately to keep their excitement of me being home in check (it’s still very obvious of course), and I can’t seem to make myself do anything than look through pictures of the past month that I’ve already looked at 10 times on the way home. Culture shock definitely affected me when I arrived in France, however, reverse culture shock hit me like a brick wall. It is hard to say goodbye to a time you loved so fully, even harder to say goodbye to the new place and friends that had become a part of your life. I feel as if I have become independent in a way that not even college could have made me, and I feel restless in a way, sitting here longing for my next adventure and where it will take me. I am happy to be home of course, there were certainly things that I had started to miss: English for starters, the Mexican restaurant by my house, and obviously my friends and family. I feel incredibly thankful to have been able to get my first taste of living abroad (I have a good feeling it certainly won’t be the last) and to have been able to learn more about the world we live in. So for now, I’ll get ready to head back to Tuscaloosa and all the great times I will have there this year, and patiently wait for my next opportunity to head back to Europe- never shutting up about that summer I lived in France the whole time. 77933064-d75c-44a3-88da-928d3064b2d6