Being in Spain has been both exciting and frustrating at times. For the most part I am loving every minute of Spain: the food, the people , the location are all fantastic. However, the only personal complaint I have is that my Spanish is not as good as I want it to be. Communicating can be hard sometimes and true language barrier can be problematic. I took for granted the ease I could have conversations in America and now can only from basic small talk if I focus. Some parts of the day when I’m exhausted, I’ll I’m able to do is nod my head and hope I get the gist of what they are saying. Either way, I’ve been having a great time in Spain so far. With two out of five weeks complete I’m excited to see more of Spain. These past weeks we had excursions to both Bilbao and San Sebasti├ín, both beautiful cities. In Bilbao we toured the Guggenheim museum which was very interesting. What I found ironic is the dog statue covered in flowers was created by an American artist, Jeff Koons. San Sebastian was equally impressive and had great beaches. Climbing to the statue atop the hill I was taking away by the beautiful scenery that surrounded this city. Furthermore, the nightlife in San Sebasti├ín was pretty surreal. 5 to 6 o clock is still an acceptable time to be out partying, which many spaniards take advantage of. From what it seemed if you didn’t stay out till the sunrise you left to early. If Spain continues to be this great, I may find myself never leaving this country. image