One of the perks of living in Europe is the ease of accessibility to other countries. In most cases, for less than one hundred Euros you can travel across national borders. Since I’m studying in Berlin, I decided to spend my free weekend in Prague. Along with some friends I had met through the program, I started booking a hotel and bus to Prague. Upon arrival I was shocked at the amount of architecturally stunning buildings. As someone who will be learning Russian next semester, seeing the Eastern European influences in the Czech Republic was especially exciting. Everyone always seems to make a big deal about how gorgeous Prague is, but it surpassed all of the expectations I had set in place.

The night we arrived in Prague, we decided to explore a bit. We took the subway to the Old Town and walked along the Vltava River. All of the buildings were lit up and river glowed with their reflections. We stumbled upon the famous Charles Bridge, which happened to be at the least crowded time. Therefore, we were able to enjoy the incredible views of the river and of Prague Castle without the hassle of so many tourists. Because we only had one full day to spend in the city, we booked a guided tour that took us to all of the significant sights in Prague. Included in this tour was a boat ride on the Vltava. With sunny skies at seventy degrees, the day could not have been more perfect. Having the opportunity to travel with friends to another country is like nothing else, and it makes those friendships so much stronger.

Being more than halfway done with my study abroad stay has made me realize just how much I will miss it. No matter how much I enjoyed visiting Prague, I still could not wait to get back to Berlin. It simply feels like where I belong. With only a few days left of class with my newfound friends, I can not help but think about how much I will miss them. Hopefully when I come back to Europe, I will be able to visit some of them again.