France is an amazing country. The amount of history in the country is incredible. I feel like almost everywhere I looked there was another monument that was at least twice the age of the United States. It’s incredible. I love the United States, but we are babies when it comes to the our history and France’s history, It’s mind-blowing to see structures with such intricate detail that have remained standing for so long.

Some of my favorite visits were to the châteaux throughout France. There are definitely way too many for us to visit them all, but the ones I was able to see were amazing. These châteaux were not only homes to France royalty, but also beautifully sculpted pieces of artwork that have, in the past, survived wars and revolutions and today, survive thousands of tourists. Most commonly known is, probably, the Palace of Versailles, which was by far the largest that we visited. There being because of the hundreds of acres of gardens. Although it was raining when we were there, we were able to ride bikes around the canal and throughout a couple of the gardens. I can only image how awesome it must have been to wake up every morning and see those gardens outside your bedroom window.

Versailles may have be the largest château we visited, but for me, it was not my favorite. I fell in love with the Château de Chenonceau. The château was built suspended over a river. It was incredible! It was smaller than some of the châteaux we had visited, but (not to sound too cheesy) what it lacked in size definitely made up in character. There was a grand hall completely dedicated to parties and a small farm with the cutest animals. The gardens were beautiful and full of flowers and bushy plants. If I could buy any château that I wanted then it would definitely be the Château de Chenonceau. If you ever visit France I, 100 percent, recommend visiting Chenonceau. You will not be disappointed.