Spain is a treasure trove full of historical sites. These places make the historical sites of the United States look like babies. Through out this month long study abroad trip, we have been able to visit many of these beautiful cities. These include Madrid, Salamanca, Toledo, Avila, Segovia, and other places where we were able to learn why Spain is such a popular travel destination. Last Weekend, we had a free weekend and could decide where we wanted to go. A large group of us chose the very famous Barcelona. Unfortunately, when I got to the hostel we were staying at I was sick. I continued to be sick for the rest of the weekend, and did not get to enjoy Barcelona very much. On the other hand, I very much enjoyed the other towns we journeyed to. Toledo is a town which is bordered by a river on three sides, and sits high up on a hill. To get into the city, we got to walk over a bridge still intact from the medieval ages. Toledo has the narrowest streets I have ever seen. Some leave barely enough room for a small car. Avila is rare, because it is completely surrounded by a giant wall. Our group climbed to the top and walked along it. Segovia is probably my favorite city. It has the largest Roman aqueduct still standing. It is massive! What is even more amazing is that there is no cement or glue between each stone, just stone to stone contact. All together, it has been a blast traveling through Spain, and of course there is always plenty more to see.20160528_105359