It was just less than a month ago I finished a big chapter in my life, freshman year. I just finished unpacking two days ago, and now I started up again for this new adventure, studying abroad to China! I feel that I am decently prepared for going abroad because after scanning through the itinerary probably over 100 times, I believe I have most things in order. I said my goodbyes to all of my friends and family today which was quite emotional for me, but I know that saying goodbye will help make my trip a better experience. I also had to get myself in the mindset that China will be much more different than America, for example, I know the toilets are not actually the usual western style, and I still don’t think I am completely ready for that. But not only am I preparing myself in mentally and emotionally I also have to prepare physically like drinking a lot more water, getting better sleep, and eating better. Doing all of this will help me get through the tough 13-hour jet lag and just feel better all-around so I can enjoy my trip even more.

I have to leave from my home at 1 AM to get to the airport by 4 AM to catch my flight, so before I leave I am in the process of checking that I have everything four different times, making sure all my flights are still in order, and getting myself in the mindset that I am going to be in a different country for the first time!

While packing I realized how much stuff I don’t actually need for a month. When flying overseas there is obviously a limit, and at first I thought I would exceed that limit, but really after a lot of painful sacrifices, I got everything down to one suitcase and a duffle bag! I only packed what I found as necessities, like clothing, medication, and my electronics. But while I was packing, my cat (who was so happy to see me home from school) decides she wanted to come with me! This picture is of her sitting on my stuff, which she tends to do every time I go somewhere.



That is probably who I will miss the most on this trip. When going to China, not only will I be bringing clothing and electronics, but I will also be bringing my viewpoints and intelligence, which is something I believe is just as valuable as material items.