Coming back from Haiti is always a very tough transition to go back into a developed country after spending a week in a developing one. The lack of basic amenities and conveniences in Haiti makes it tough to come home to a shower that is inside, buildings that are air conditioned all day long, and no threat of getting eaten alive by insects.

That being said, the Haiti trip has been so valuable personally each time because it gives amazing perspective on how people in another culture and country very different from ours here live and interact with one another. It was such an enriching learning experience because the knowledge that the Haitians impart on us each time is outstanding. I learn more in a week on this trip than I could in months at school sometimes, which is such a unique experience to get to take part in at such a formative time of my life.

Another positive that comes out of this trip each time is to not take any of the daily conveniences we have for granted and to not blow little daily problems of ours out of proportion like we are all so likely to do. When I walk through the village of Gallette Chambon and see large families of 5-10 people living in a one or two room house without many basic necessities, it really makes me realize how good we have it. That’s not to say that we should feel bad for what we have, but there is so much to be learned from experiences another culture in this way.

Haiti is an insanely beautiful country with some of the most amazing and brilliant people I have ever met, and I am so excited to be able to go back one day to experience this again. What I can do now is try to impart anything that I learned there back to my friends here in the States because there is so much value to be gained from doing so.