Sitting inside during a cold afternoon during November, I began dreaming of summer (it seemed like it was forever away at this point) and I realized that I only have a very few summers left. I instantly felt a little panicked to make sure I did not waste even a second of this summer. Options began flying through my head, I could work my usual job at home, intern in Washington D.C., or take summer classes. I could travel, stay put, or do a little of everything. Because of my passion for traveling, I immediately leaned towards the options that would get me the farthest away, seeing as much of the world as I could. But I also wanted to have a productive summer, I wanted to come back to Tuscaloosa in the fall knowing my summer had been beneficial to my college experience. As I weighed my options, I felt more drawn to studying abroad than any other options. Studying French is something I have enjoyed since 9th grade, but I knew no class could compare to the experience of actually living in France and being immersed in the culture and language. So today, as I sit at my gate in the airport awaiting my departure (exciting, I know), I am filled with anticipation, nerves, and feeling that this is all a little surreal. My bags are packed with everything from my camera to a picture of my puppy at home to gifts for my host family. But perhaps most importantly, I have brought a sense of adventure as well as a desire to learn as much as possible while I am there. Even though I haven’t left the airport yet, I have a feeling I made a great choice on how to spend my summer and I cannot wait for the weeks to come and the events they will bring!IMG_5285