When I entered school at The University of Alabama, I wanted to study abroad more than anything. But after finding out that with the nursing curriculum couldn’t be transferred abroad, I gave up that dream. Then I found out about the Medical Abroad trips and knew that was for me. I choose the trip that went to East Asia because I figured I would never go there on my own. I have had a very stressful week leading up to this trip. My passport was sent to me from Alabama after the travel visa was approved and as of this morning (I fly out 9am tomorrow) I had no idea where it was. The tracking number wasn’t put on it correctly and it was suppose to be here last week but was not delivered. So I had plans to get a new passport, go to the Chinese consulate in NYC and try and get on a plane to China by Tuesday.  BUT the mailman called me this morning and said they received it over the weekend so I will be able to get on the plane tomorrow!!! Other then that dilemma packing and getting prepared has been great! We are paired with a translator as soon as we get there so we did some shopping for them so I have to pack that along with my clothing. They love anything made in The United States so I bought lotion and tooth paste and the other people going on the trip bought things and we will combine them when we get to China.  I’ll be packing in two suitcases and have a backpack with me the whole time. The backpack with have all my essential items; passport, phone, money, ect and I will have that with me at all times in case we need to leave for some reason.

Overall I am very excited about this trip and not very nervous at all. I think the only thing that I’m anxious about is that I have nothing to compare this trip to. I like to be prepared and no matter how much you read about an area you are going to you can’t fully understand until you are there.  We will be going to Beijing for a couple of days at the end of the trip and I’m excited to see what it is like.  Beijing has a couple million people less then NYC but is the tenth of New York’s size.  I have been to over-crowed areas before but nothing like this.  Wish me luck and safe travels and I can’t wait to tell you about this experience!!