I have been in Granada, Nicaragua for a couple of days and I love it! At times I might complain about the heat (okay probably more often than I’m willing to admit), but the kindness and compassion of the people makes it worth it. My host mom is a 73 year old woman who calls my roommate and I her daughters. She welcomed us into her home and immediately treated us like family. The layout of their houses here is very different than any house in the United States. Everyone on the street shares a roof and in the center of the house there is an opening in the roof under which there is an open garden. I asked my host mom why it was like this and she said because they were built in the same style at homes in Spain. In Spain they have open gardens to help put humidity in the air because it is so dry there, but in Granada they definitely do not need any more humidity.

The clinic is a two minute walk from our house and we get to walk down a street with buildings painted purple, yellow, blue, orange, green, and red. The colors give the city so much character. My favorite building is the Cathedral in the center of town. It is yellow and beautiful. Yesterday we climbed to the top of the bell tower for $1 and got the best views of Granada. This city has so much character and I cannot wait to keep exploring it.13310625_1621645108152005_5693744068759350787_nThe Cathedral

IMG_2971View of Granada from the top of the Cathedral

IMG_2975My house in Nicaragua