We are now coming to the end of our time here in Tours, France and I cannot believe what an incredible time we have had here this past month. We have been challenged by school, amazed by sights, and enjoyed being apart of the day to day routine of a new city and country. Of course, it was quite an adjustment at first, especially getting adjusted to speaking French every day. Nothing can truly prepare you for the difference between studying a language and actually speaking it conversationally for almost six weeks. However, it was incredibly rewarding to feel yourself go from struggling with basic questions to having conversation with your host family at the dinner table. Which brings me to one of the best parts about studying abroad and that is the people you meet. I was incredibly lucky to stay with a couple who was housing not only me but 6 other students from several different countries. Sitting at the dinner table was a surreal experience as we compared Taiwan, Kuwait, Japan, and Switzerland. I feel confident that there is no other experience that will not only allow me to be exposed to that many people from all over the world, but also develop real connections with them that I will have for the rest of my life. It was an incredibly eye opening experience as I sat with my new roommates and saw how we all saw the world just a little different, and yet we could not have gotten along better. We agreed on a lot, disagreed on a little (looking at you Justin Bieber), but most importantly we learned a lot from each other. I am so thankful that studying abroad helped me not only develop academically but also culturally!13413691_1013916378692895_2387728923862325047_n