My trip has unfortunately come to an end. I honestly do not know if I was ready to leave or not. Leaving Paris was so bittersweet. I really and truly missed my family, but the things I learned while abroad will forever stick with me.

Sure, I learned a lot about Public Relations and how to address it on an international level, but I learned so much more than that. I learned a lot of things about myself. I learned how I like to travel, what makes me uncomfortable, and how I handle certain situations while traveling. You cannot understand these lessons unless you have traveled without your family, for an extended amount of time.

The last week of the program went by super fast. We were trying to wrap up school projects, arrange travel plans, and I was celebrating my 21st birthday. It was a lot to handle, but I’m so grateful for the experience.  I cannot wait to visit Paris again.

Getting home was one of the most stressful things ever! I had to buy and extra suitcase for all of my things (shopping is the devil in Paris). We tool a train back into London, and I had to do that while managing all of my luggage. Once we got to London I had one more day in Europe. We ventured around once again before saying our goodbyes to Europe, but we won’t be saying goodbye forever. I encountered a little drama at the airport which was not surprising, I mean it is the airport. But once I got off that plane and saw my parents I felt so content and happy.

I’ve been home for twelve hours at this point, and I’m exhausted. Jet lag is really hitting me hard. As I try to adjust back to life in the south, I will always have a piece of Paris with me.

Au Revoir!!

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