I am so excited! I am going to Mexico! I would like to thank the Study Abroad office at UA for giving me the scholarship to make this possible! I have never been to another country but have always wanted to go. I’ve always been interested in other languages and cultures-basically, in just understanding people, which is why I study social work. I have worked at the English Language Institute at UA for several years and have loved hearing about all the international students’ travels and discoveries. And now I will have my own story to tell!

I am excited to go to Mexico particularly not only because I will learn Spanish, see a different culture, and learn about social services in Mexico, but also because my boyfriend of two years is from there! Well, not Cuernavaca where we will be going, but Monterrey. I have heard so many stories about the richness and vibrancy of Mexico from him and his family and am looking forward to seeing it for myself.

As I begin to prepare for the trip, I find myself worrying about things I haven’t thought about since elementary school; how do I fit in? What clothes should I wear to make me look like I belong? Will they make fun of me? What if I mess up when I talk? I think the important thing to remember when worrying like this is that making mistakes, especially when learning about a new culture, isn’t always bad. Mistakes are just an opportunity to grow!20160407_162828 (1)