Eiffel Tower

         Last summer, many of my sorority sisters were fortunate enough to study abroad for the summer. Prior to their departure I asked many questions, inquiring about the process in which I should take in order to hopefully indulge in the same experience the following summer. I was informed to definitely be on the look out because a new program called PR in Paris would be emerging in the Fall. I discussed it with my parents and they were immediately on board. When the Fall rolled around I was diligent about monitoring my email so that I would not miss out on such an amazing opportunity. As soon as the application opened up, I applied, and went to an interview, and by the looks of it, it went very smoothly. My parents and I had no factors that influenced my decision or hindered my ability to study abroad. We just knew that this was an opportunity we did not want to pass up There is no better way to exit my Sophomore year than in Paris.

            As far as planning goes, I have not done as much as I possibly should have. The basic logistics as far as a passport, convertors for outlets, preliminary packing and other miscellaneous things have been completed, but I am still concerned that I will forget something. I also am not extremely excited yet; I do know it’s because I still have so much to do and am stressing beyond measure currently. It also doesn’t help that I am packing my entire life away. This past week I had three finals, a group project, had to move out, and write a paper, all while packing to live outside of the country for a month! The process I have gone through/am going through before I leave for Paris has been one consisting of no sleep at all.

            To continue, I am very anxious about my departure, but I am going to miss my family and close friends dearly. My main feelings are that of stress and until I am on my plane, seated, I will not stop stressing. I have attempted to stop, and breath, to try and call my anxiety, I just can’t. Lastly, I hope to gain insight in the International Public Relations industry, all while indulging in another culture in terms of fashion, food, and history. Is it bad to say that I’m not 100% sure what I want to do over there yet, because I don’t. On my plane flight there I will look at some of the “must sees” and historical sites there. I know I sound very unorganized and stressed, I am. But, I am confident that everything will work out in the end. Stay tuned!