While I’ll be gone for a month, I know my time in Spain is going to fly by. Quite honestly I think I’ll be having such an incredible time here in Spain it will be entirely too difficult to get homesick, although you would have found me frantically calling all my friends at the airport to try and catch up with everyone before I left. As excited as I am for new friendships, amistades nuevas if you will, I think I may be most excited to learn (my inner nerd is showing). The reason I chose this specific program with a bit more structure than I’m used to is because of the emphasis that is placed on only using Spanish here (obviously from this English blog post, right?), the level of seriousness found in the students participating in this program, and the opportunity to have an incredible time abroad while learning as much as possible in this short spurt. After my first day of classes, it was almost as if I rediscovered my enjoyment in the arts and writing in my literature class, as I so often tend to stifle this interest so that I can excel in other academic areas while (attempting) to maintain somewhat of a balance in life. While I do enjoy my engineering classes, the juxtaposition between my math intensive curriculum and a foreign language is quite unique, and I believe it will allow for me to embrace my many different passions. I’m excited to take a step back from the rigorousness of my semester schedules and fully immerse myself in such a rich culture, poetic literature, and engaging history so that I can take full advantage of my time here. I am eager to fill my head with more knowledge about the beautiful people and history here in San Lorenzo, España, both in my writing as well as with each new encounter and friendship. ~Hasta luego para ahora~