London was a wonderful experience.  We did not start classes while in London, but I felt as if I learned as much as if I had been in class.  I saw an entirely new culture to myself and at first was a little nervous about it.  I did not know anyone on the trip before going and within the first couple of days I made some great friends that I think I will be friends with for a long time.  Some of the coolest things I saw included; Windsor Castle, Abbey Road, Platform 9 3/4, the Tower of London and London Bridge.  It was a great experience seeing so many historical buildings that I have learned about but never actually seen.  It was was an eye opener seeing buildings older than my own country.  The lack of language barrier made it far easier to get used to the new culture than if another language had been spoken.  As I am sitting back home in Tuscaloosa I am torn between being happy to be back in my comfort zone and wishing I was back overseas experiencing new things with new friends.


View from London Eye