Four more days remain until I embark on what is about to be the experience of a lifetime. I have anticipated this day coming for what seems like a lifetime since I started the process for studying abroad. More effort than I could ever imagine went into booking this trip and making sure every last detail was in order and it was very stressful especially for a procrastinator like myself.  I am beyond blessed to have an opportunity to live in my dream city of London for almost six months thanks to my wonderful parents. They have always pushed me to be the best version of myself and I believe that studying abroad will help me become closer to discovering what that is. I have always dreamed of going to London for as long as I can remember because that is the birthplace of my father. He always raves about how amazing it was to grow up in a city like London so I am excited to see what is so special about this foreign place.

Thoughts of nervousness and anxiety constantly run through my mind when thinking about traveling so far away for so long. A lot of my free time consists of researching my study abroad destination and travel tips to sooth my nerves. I read one article that said that nervousness and fear are just one tick in the brain away from excitement and joy which I find to be especially relatable because those are the emotions that are reoccur every time I think about living in London for six months. I am nervous to leave my friends and family to go be a stranger in a foreign country for half of a year, and above all, I am excited to go outside of my comfort zone to explore not only this new place but also myself as a whole. I am positive that this trip will be an amazing learning experience inside and out of the classroom.