london-england-open-campus-1As I arrive to the one month count down mark on my calender to leave for London I get more and more excited. I don’t quite feel like I am going to be spending almost 6 months in a different country. I’m sure it will hit me once I am on the plane. I just recently purchased big enough suitcases to take with me abroad and now its time to make the hard decision of what I need to pack. Even though I will try my hardest I am sure I will end up over packing. When I first started thinking about studying abroad I did not have any other destination on my mind besides London, England. I love the accent and history and I wanted to be consumed by it.

With everything that is going on in Europe over the last couple months I can’t help but be a little apprehensive but I know I will be in good hands. My excitement trumps any doubt or anxiety I have about being abroad. I don’t think I will get homesick very often. I do very well at Alabama without missing home a lot which I hope continues on my journey. I will be so busy and excited with my experience I doubt I will have time to feel sad about missing home. The only thing I fear that could get in the away with trying to call home is the 6 hour time difference.  Hopefully while abroad I will gain friendships that will last a lifetime. I love the thought of learning a new culture, but also teaching my own to someone who is foreign to it. I can’t wait to do all of the things a tourist does, because that is what I will be for the first few weeks. Eventually though I want to gain the knowledge of the locals so I can talk and act like them. I am a little anxious to see how the people in London will react when they meet me, not only being American but also from the south. I am now counting down the days until my flight lands in London and I could not be more ecstatic.