Though I’ve flown many times, my amazement at the beauty of the skies only seems to grow. I used to be worried that people would think I am weird or have never stepped foot on a plane because of how I perk up at takeoff and spend the majority of my flight staring out the window. Now I don’t mind as much, I just soak in the view.

Today is my first international adventure. I’ve been imagining this for quite some time, but as I was reflecting back on how I got here, Newark airport just minutes from boarding my flight, I realized how different the experience has been from what I would have guessed. On a whim I applied for this trip, but only now is it starting to seem real. I’m nervous as I am standing in line to board my 7 hour flight to London. I only know one person on this trip, and I wouldn’t say I know her well enough to spend 15 wondering around two foreign countries together.

I hope this trip brings me joy; I hope I gain a new perspective, new respect for those I do not understand. I hope I can explore, go places I have never been and meet new people making new memories along the way. I have no idea what is to come and no idea if I am even ready for it all, but as I board this plane I don’t think I can look back now. Here goes nothing, London here I come.