안녕 – (anyong) – hello/goodbye

In less than two months, I will be studying abroad at Yonsei University, one of the top 3 universities in Seoul, South Korea. Honestly, the preparation that came with trying to study abroad was enough to distract me from the actual experience that was soon to come. If you don’t already know, the semester before the study abroad trip, one has to meet a list of requirements prepared by the abroad office such as attending mandatory meetings and completing applications, which at times can definitely seem overwhelming. I just completed my VISA application paperwork this week, and now that I have FINALLY bought my flight ticket, there is no turning back! There are no more distractions and honestly I have mixed feelings.

-my brand new passport, with brand new VISA -my planer AKA the only thing keeping me organized -favorite blog by a current student studying abroad

-my brand new passport, with brand new VISA
-my planer AKA the only thing keeping me organized
-favorite blog by a current student studying abroad

On one hand, I am ECSTATIC and cannot wait to be independent and abroad in a different country. Seoul is a dream- a city full of high rise buildings, shopping centers, and beautiful landmarks. Also, the fact that it is growing to be recognized as a huge fashion capital around the world is sure to make people-watching (but really outfit-watching) and window-shopping a great time. Although I am an Accounting major, fashion is a huge interest of mine so being in such a fashion-forward city will definitely be refreshing and one of the highlights of my study abroad. Then on the other hand, anxious feelings are beginning to creep up as the realization that I will actually be on my own, as well as in a country whose first language is nothing similar to English, hits me. In order to cope with these feelings and diminish the scarier parts of studying abroad, I have come up with a few ways to distract myself and look at the brighter, more exiting side of studying abroad:

-Read food/lifestyle/fashion blogs by people based in Seoul

-Creating a list of alluring and interesting places I want to visit once I am there

-Watch Youtube videos made by study abroad students studying at my host University

-PLAN PLAN PLAN. The more I plan right now (e.g. how will l be getting from the airport to my host University once I arrive in Korea?) the less of a chance there will be of me getting flustered/lost/upset/confused when I am actually there

Pushing all the butterflies aside, I know the next couple of months are going to be life-changing, and I will make memories that will last a lifetime. I cannot wait to see what South Korea has in store for me, so until then-