IMG_2672I am so excited about my trip to Haiti! I am ready to jump right in and start helping the Haitian entrepreneurs build their business! I am excited about this opportunity, and I am only worried a little bit about the potential language barrier. I think I still will be able to make a big contribution to their lives regardless. I am in charge of helping them with learning leadership skills in their businesses and run them effectively.


I have been trying to focus a lot on my exams, but it is hard considering we leave the day after finals are over! That means everything needs to be in order this week. I have not been able to devote a lot of time to preparing myself mentally and physically, but I plan to later in the week. The trip will be here before I know it!


While I am so excited to contribute my expertise to their entrepreneurs, I am also excited that we will be next to an orphanage! My goal is to find time to work hard and play hard. I am involved with several organizations on campus involved with the betterment of children in the Tuscaloosa area. I love being able to mentor them and help them find their passion! My goal is to spend my free time playing with them.


Overall, I cannot wait for this study abroad trip! I am so excited about it all!