My study abroad experience is still a little over two months away. Thus, I still have plenty of time to prepare for this exciting opportunity. In fact, over this Christmas break I have been completing paperwork and other preparatory tasks. This particular trip abroad is only for a short time in comparison to many others. A group of nursing students from various semesters, including myself, a group of Auburn pharmacy students, and faculty from each program will be working together over Spring Break. The group will collaborate in order to provide medical care to the people of Querétaro, Mexico through free clinics. Many of the details have not been solidified at this point, but I anticipate this being one of my favorite memories during my final semester at the University of Alabama.

I was initially interested in this study abroad opportunity because of my Spanish minor. I currently have only 3 credit hours left to complete this course of study before graduation, and I thought the trip might be a way to receive credit while gaining additional nursing experience. However, this did not work out for numerous reasons, the main one being the length of the trip itself. Luckily Spanish credit was not my sole reason for attending the trip. It would have just been an added benefit. I personally think that the Spanish speaking population in the United States is one of many underserved by the health care industry. Therefore, any chance to work with these people is a great asset to my future nursing career.

My decision was made final by the fact that this trip is a medical mission trip. Both universities have partnered with E3 Missions in order to bring holistic care to a people group in need. I will be able to care for patients’ minds, bodies, and spirits due to the trip’s nature. My faith and my passion for nursing are two huge parts of my life, and I am ecstatic about the chance to blend them together. I have always wanted to be involved in medical missions. This upcoming trip will be the first of many to come for me. Ultimately, this medical mission has profound implications for my future, and I cannot wait until my departure in March!